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Update 2023-03-22

Posted March 22, 2023, 10:00 PM UTC (1 year, 2 months ago)

The Inventory Viewer is now available to display, sort, and filter items from all your characters and stashes (with more features coming in the future). You will need to install Waddon and enable "sync inventory" under the Islebuilds section of the Waddon menu. Continue reading for a list of other improvements and plans for Islebuilds.

Other changes

There have been a lot of other unannounced updates in the past 10 months since the new Islebuilds released. Here are the highlights:

  • Sprite editor and gallery
  • Boss/event timers
  • Character fuzzy search
  • Top passive trees lists by spirit
  • Top skins list
  • More calculators and random tools
  • Moderation tools
  • Other fixes and improvements

Future plans

The Inventory Viewer is the last major feature that was missing after the Islebuilds rewrite. There's still improvements I want to make to it though (especially to the filtering, which is far less powerful than I want it to be). Other than that, there's a few things I want to add eventually, but no concrete plans:

  • Item showcase/linking?
  • DPT calculations?
  • Build editor?
  • More calculators/reference pages?

Thank you

As usual, please report any issues here, on GitLab. Thanks for reading!


Posted May 12, 2022, 7:00 AM UTC (2 years ago)

Islebuilds has been completely rewritten! Continue reading to learn what's changed and how to upload characters on the new site.

Breaking changes

While rebuilding the site, the upload process changed. Waddon will have an accompanying update to enable uploading to the new site. If you are still using an old version of Waddon, uploading will not work until you update to a more recent version (>3.0.0).

Additionally, uploading to Islebuilds now requires an account. This is mostly a preemptive moderation measure, but it also allows for cool new features in the future (like the now-removed Item Manager).

To upload characters, you will need Waddon installed. Then, log in to Islebuilds with Google, and navigate to API Key settings and generate a key. You can copy/paste this key into Waddon, or use the one-click Use button, which will open an Isleward tab and set the key for you.

Unfortunately, there will be no data migration from the old Islebuilds. Character data will be gone until it's uploaded again. However, we can use this as a chance to keep PTR data off the site this time. Snapshots are also being removed for now, since they were mostly unused.


  • Accounts — Use a single name across Islebuilds; see related characters
  • Character lookup
  • Faction reputation leaderboards
  • Light/dark mode toggle
  • Some misc tools and calculators

What's next?

Here's some things I'm planning to work on next:

  • DPT calculations
  • Boss/event timers
  • Better search — Case insensitive and fuzzy character search
  • Item finder — Search across multiple inventories and stashes
  • More calculators
  • More leaderboards?
  • Sprite editor?
  • Build editor?
  • In-game nickname API w/ Waddon?

Thank you

Please report any issues here, on GitLab. Thanks for reading!

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