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Minimap, boss timers, Islebuilds integration, item stat ranges, XP/loot tracker, and more.

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Waddon is a general purpose client-side addon for Isleward. It features a minimap, boss timers, item stat ranges, XP tracker, other QoL changes, and more.

Waddon is also currently the only way to upload characters to Islebuilds.

More information might also be available in the README at the GitLab repository.


Press N to open the main addon options menu. You can enable other features from here. Some panels have more options that can be accessed by right-clicking the panel's title bar.

You can press N+M to toggle the minimap, N+T to toggle timers, and N+L to toggle the XP tracker.

For convenience, you can also press / to open the Slash command menu and search for a command to run.

Islebuilds Integration

Waddon can upload your characters to Islebuilds, either manually or automatically. To start uploading, you will need to create an Islebuilds account and connect it with Waddon here:

Connect Waddon

Once Waddon has been connected, you can type /upload in the game chat to update and view your character on the site. You can also use the Slash action by pressing / and searching for upload.

From the main options menu (N), you can change some Islebuilds options. You can set the auto-upload interval to keep your character up-to-date for others to view.

When uploading your character, Waddon will read your level, spirit, portrait, skin, equipment, prophecies, reputation, and passives. This information will be visible publicly.

You can also manually connect Waddon. First, log in with Google here, then navigate to API key settings and generate a key. Pressing the Use button will open Isleward, and Waddon will automatically fetch and store the key. If you're playing on the desktop client, you will need to manually copy and paste the key into Waddon instead.

Installation (Browser)

To install Waddon in a browser, you will need a userscript manager. ViolentMonkey is recommended and tested.

After installing ViolentMonkey, click here to install the addon. Clicking the link should open your userscript manager automatically. If it didn't open, you can also manually create a new userscript and copy and paste the contents of waddon.user.js into it.

Refresh Isleward and the addon should appear. See below for usage instructions. Please report issues with Waddon here.

Installation (Desktop)

To install Waddon for the Isleward desktop client, download waddon.user.js and place the file in the client's addons folder. See here for instructions for each operating system. Restart the client afterwards.

Not all Waddon features are tested in the desktop client, but most should work the same as in a browser.

It's not possible to install Waddon on mobile clients at this time.


If you're having problems with Waddon, you can try refreshing Isleward, restarting your browser/client, reinstalling the addon, or restarting your computer.

If you have found a problem with Waddon or have a feature request or other suggestion, please open an issue. Check your browser console for errors and include them in your report, along with what platform you're playing on and how you're loading Waddon (ViolentMonkey? TamperMonkey? Desktop? Other?).

Waddon should display a message in the browser console when it loads. If there's no message from Waddon, the addon didn't load properly.


Waddon started out as a rewrite of Polfy's original IsleWaddon, for Isleward v0.3.3.

Special thanks to Polfy and Vildravn for their previous addon work. Some of the features in Waddon are rewrites and improvements of their addons. Also thanks to Googz, Tribrid, Carnagion, Qndel, and others for their contributions to the Isleward addon ecosystem. More addons can be found at the unofficial Isleward Addons group.

Thanks to everyone in the Isleward community and everyone who has tested, reported issues, and given feedback for Waddon.

And finally, thanks to You, for playing Isleward and using Waddon!

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