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Item Quantity/Quality


Calculates expected item drops, accounting for player quality/quantity and mob magic find.


QQ Explanation

Each mob has a ‘rolls’ property and ‘chance’ property. Each ‘roll’ has an individual ‘chance’ at dropping an item.

1 item quantity gives a 1% chance for another roll. Every 100 quantity guarantees another roll and any remaining quantity becomes a percentage chance to add another roll. For example, a mob with 2 rolls killed by a player with 135 item quantity will have at least 3 rolls and a 35% chance for 4 rolls. The item quantity stat of the character who dealt the killing damage to an enemy is used. Item quantity is also hard capped at 200%.

Each roll has a chance to drop an item, which is the mob's chance property. This defaults to 35% but it can be changed per zone and per mob. Bosses usually have a 100% chance per roll. Once an item drop is earned from a roll, there are more chances that change the loot. There is a base 3.5% chance for a rune to drop, which is checked first. There is also a base 3.5% chance for a currency item to drop (idols), but only the kill's first roll is able to drop a currency item. Currency drops are also affected by mob level and level difference, and weighted to different idols. Items drop at the level of the mob killed. The slot that an item drops in is also randomly generated and weighted.

The rarity of the generated item is chosen from a pool of possible rarities. There are 2000 chances for a common item, 350 chances for a magic item, 80 for a rare item, 17 for an epic item, and 1 chance for a legendary item. Player item quality and per-mob magic find reduces the number of chances for a certain rarity to be picked.

Each point of player item quality removes 7 commons from the rarity pool. Therefore, 286 quality removes 2002 common items from the pool, leaving only magic and higher rarity items. Some mobs and zones have magic find (item quality) on common or magic items already, so sometimes less quality is needed to reach the effective cap. For bosses like Stinktooth and M'ogresh, which already have -2000 chances at common items, item quality is not needed.

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